8 Surprising Ways To Use Your Sheet Mask


We getting the sheet faced! Hands up if you’re with us. If you love spending #selfcaresunday with your favorite sheet mask on, you’ll know for a fact there’s always a ton of serum leftover in the packet. But if your heart breaks to waste it all, you don’t have to anymore. Instead of tossing it out, use our 8 unconventional yet pretty clever ways to utilize all the leftover goodness.

  1. S. Ready to save a boatload of $$. You’re welcome.

Bottle up the leftover serum to use later – This by far is the most obvious use of that trusted glow-giving sheet mask. After all how much serum can one use? When you’re done sheet masking, cut up the packaging and let the excess drip into a clean container. Tightly seal it and store it in a cool, dark place. Use this DIY potion the next few times instead of your regular serum. Told ya you’d be saving some serious moolah!

Dab the excess serum over your whole body – Now, if you can’t find a clean, sanitized storage container, don’t fret. Once you’re done sheet masking, ball up your mask and soak it with the excess serum from the packet. Use this super-hydrated bundle of gooey-ness as a moisturizer all over your body. In circular motions rub your hands, feet, back. Douse it in serum again to give your cracked heels some much-needed TLC.

Make a twin mask with extra serum for boo – Since we’re on a saving spree, we thought why not make it a double? Take regular cotton rounds and use the excess serum from your sheet mask to soak them up. Apply them to boo’s cheeks, chin, forehead and nose too. Leave the pads on for 15-20 minutes and watch him GLOW. Heck, if there’s more, empty it all out on his cotton rounds. The wetter the better. (So they say :*)

Cut up eye flaps to treat under-eye bags – How many times have you wondered what on earth those eye flaps were for when they don’t even fit properly? Wonder no more. Next time, cut out those eye flaps and save them in an airtight container.  Use a little serum from the packet to keep them moist and store them in the fridge. When you notice puffiness and under-eye bags, courtesy- late nights, place these (with forceps) to beat the sag.

Target problem areas with cotton pads – You’re already using a sheet mask synonymous with your skin concerns – dullness, dryness, scarring, etc. But a one-time-use sheet mask is rarely enough. Give it a helping hand by drenching cotton pads in excess serum and applying them over your problematic areas. Dry cheeks? Place soaked cotton pads over them. Acne marks? Use the cotton rounds to target each scar.

Pat serum on your neck to delay aging – Should’ve started with this one, being the most obvious et al. But did you know your sheet mask could delay the onset of aging? Pat the extra serum onto your neck each time you apply one. Since the skin, there is thinner compared to the rest of your body, wrinkles, trace your neck more easily, unfortunately. Fight these visible signs of aging by gently massage your neck and chest.

Apply eye makeup with a sheet mask on – Truth be told, we took this on as a dare – The Sheet Mask Makeup Challenge. But even Fenty’s highlighter fades in comparison to the glow we got from doing our eye makeup while wearing a sheet mask. Plump, supple skin and the best part, all the fallout sticks to the sheet. No messes EVER AGAIN. Mind = blown. Finish up, take off the mask and continue with your base makeup.

Heard of a sheet mask sandwich yet? – We’re entering the “Hall of Flawless Faces” the double-decker way. Apply your sheet mask for 20 minutes or till you feel it getting dry. Then, take it off and (with clean hands) pat the serum from the packet on to your face AKA the first layer. Once your whole face is covered in slimy goodness, fit the sheet mask onto your face, again, for the double whammy to seal in everything.

Got a few sheet mask tricks of your own? Write to us, we’re all ears!

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